Methods Article

Methods articles can be for proposed or ongoing prospective clinical research, and should provide a detailed account of the hypothesis, rationale and methodology of the study. Protocols of randomized controlled trials should follow the CONSORT guidelines and must have a trial registration number. A study protocol should contain a structured/nonstructured abstract of 300 words maximum. Study protocols should comprise sections of Background, Methods/Design, Discussion both in Abstract and fulltext with not more than 3 tables or figures and up to 25 references. Please do not use abbreviations or references in the abstract. Trial Registration, if your $singular is a protocol of a controlled health care intervention, please list the trial registry, along with the unique identifying number, e.g. Trial registration: Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN73824458. Please note that there should be no space between the letters and numbers of your trial registration number. We recommend manuscripts that report randomized controlled trials follow the CONSORT extension for abstracts.